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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if I can't login to the App?

    There are several possibilities why you can't log into the Moka application. You can try several ways according to the following constraints:

    A. If Forgot Password
    - Click Forgot Password on the backoffice/application login page
    - Check the verification link sent to the registered email address
    - verify your account on the email

    B. If You Don't Get Email Verification
    - Try logging in by entering the cellphone number that has been used, then:
    - Select the Account Settings > Account menu and do the lever again
    - Check the verification link sent to the registered email address
    - verify your account on the email

    C. If other technical problems happened,
    please do 3R:
    - Re-Open: close the Moka app allu reopen it and try to login
    - Re-login: first log out of the Moka app and log back in
    - Re-install: When the Moka app doesn't respond at all, please re-install your Moka App

How do I order a Moka POS compatible printer, and are there any device recommendations?

    You can order printers and other devices according to Moka POS's recommendations on the following Tokopedia page:

    In addition, you can also order the device from the sales team that helps you subscribe.

How do I renew my Moka Account subscription?

    You can check the status of your subscription, renew it, and pay the Moka subscription fee through the billing menu in the Moka Back Office. Learn how here.

What is GoStore?

    GoStore is an online selling platform with an exclusive website base that can be integrated with various social media. By using GoStore, you have the opportunity to have an online store with an exclusive domain to sell your products.

    Please learn more about it here.

Do I have to subscribe Moka if I want to use GoStore?

    That's right, you need to subscribe to Moka if you want to take advantage of GoStore services. If you have subscribed, you only need to create a GoStore domain through the Moka backoffice. Learn how here.

How can customers see my shop on GoStore?

    Your customers can view the store and place orders through the website that you have created through GoStore. Make sure you share the store link via social media so that customers can find out.

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