How to Check Member's Loyalty Point and Profile

Member can check their point balance through the receipt that they get when do a loyalty transaction. Your staff also can check member profile and points through Moka App.

Here are the steps to check member's loyalty point and profile: 

  1. Open Moka App. 

  2. Open menu Point of Sale.

  3. Tap on +Add Customer.

  4. Search customer or member in the search bar by name, phone, or email.

  5. Select the customer or member based on the search result.

    Note: Member and non member can be distinguished based on logo, Member will have logo Logo.png while non member will have logo Non_Member.png.

  6. On the member profile, you can see the member current point balance, the redeem history and also the point activities. Point activities consist of all member point transaction, earning points, redeeming a reward and refund. You can see the complete redeem history and point activities in Moka Backoffice.


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