How to Manage Email Notification

By managing email notification, you can monitor the sales activities anytime and anywhere.

Watch the video tutorial how to manage your email notification: 

Here is the steps to manage email notification: 

  1. Login to Moka backoffice

  2. Visit menu ACCOUNT SETTINGS.

  3. Select Email Notification.

  4. You can select which notification you will receive by activating the ON/OF button. 

    • By activating the Daily Sales Summary notification, you will receive email notification of your daily sales summary report.

    • By activating Inventory Alerts notifications, you will receive a daily notification email when the stock of your item is depleting or empty.

    • By activating the Promo Update Notification notification, you will receive email notification regarding attractive offers related to Moka products.

  5. Select Add Email Recipient to add the receiver for the email notification. 

  6. Insert the email address of the receiver, then click Confirm.

  7. Click Save.


  8. You will receive the email verification. Open the email and click VERIFY EMAIL.  


  9. Once the email has been verified, you will receive the email notification according to the activated notification types.



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