How to Use Sync Bill Online

Sync Bill Online allows saved bills to synchronize on multiples devices. For example, your restaurant has two devices for different station: Ordering Station to create and edit bill and Checkout Station to process checkout payment. With this feature, the bill you created on Order Station device will sync and appear on the Checkout Station device automatically. 

Note: You need to have a stable internet connection to sync all saved bills automatically.

Here are some icons to show the open bill sync status: 


The open bill has synced to a server or to other devices. 


The open bill failed to sync to a server due to creating or editing the bill when the internet is offline.


The open bill is still synchronizing. This icon appears: 

  1. After creating or editing the open bill.
  2. After editing an open bill, but have not sync from offline to online.
  3. After refreshing the Billing List. 

You will be given alert notification if the open bill remains not synced to a server or other devices: 

  • Please check your internet connection to complete sync process
    This alert will appear if your internet connection is unavailable. 

  • Pull down to complete sync process
    This alert will appear if you need to refresh the Billing List. 


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