How to Apply Multiple Price per Sales Type

You need to create sales type before applying multiple price per sales type.

Learn How to Create Sales Type here.

Here is the steps to apply multiple price per sales type: 

  1. Login to backoffice Moka.

  2. Visit LIBRARY.

  3. Select Item Library.

  4. Tap on Create Item or an existing item to apply the multiple price. 

  5. Tick Apply multiple price per sales type checkbox.

  6. Insert the price of each of sales type on the Price field and each barcode on the SKU field (optional). 

  7. If you have multiple price for a selected sales type only, click Manage Sales Type.

  8. Select which sales type that has multiple price, then click Confirm

  9. Click Save to apply changes in a selected outlet or Save to All Outlets to apply changes to all outlets.

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