How to Use Sync Bill Offline

Sync Bill Offline allows bills to synchronize to another device despite the internet network is offline.

Here are the steps to sync bill offline. You can click to jump to a certain topic: 


Sync Bill Offline Requirement

Here is the requirement to use this feature: 

  1. iPad 5 or above is recommended to be able to run Offline Sync feature seamlessly, especially for host and for client you can use iPad Mini 3 or iPad Air 1.
  2. Limited to Table Management subscribers only. 
  3. Works seamlessly in Moka Full Enterprise network configuration.
  4. All devices should use kiosk mode to make sure process sync run seamlessly. Host devices should always be active. If host device is turned off or in sleep mode, then all client devices will be disconnected.
  5. Work seamless up to 4 devices.
  6. Only one host is allowed in the same networking.


Sync Bill Offline Configuration

To start using this feature, you need to set a host and client on your devices using same networking. Here are the steps to sync bill offline: 

How to Setup Host

  1. Open Moka app. 

  2. Visit menu SETTINGS.

  3. Select Offline Sync under HARDWARE section

  4. Turn on Synchronise Bills Offline.


  5. Turn on Set this device as a Host.


  6. You can see all of the devices connected to the host under the CONNECTED DEVICE section.  


How to Setup Client

  1. Open Moka App. 

  2. Visit menu SETTINGS.

  3. Select Offline Sync under HARDWARE section

  4. Select Connect to a Host.


  5. You can select Connect Automatically or Input IP Address to be paired to a host: 
    • To connect automatically, you can click Connect Now


    • To Input IP Address, insert the IP address on the field and click Connect Now


  6. If you receive this notification, your device as a client has successfully connected to a host and this feature is ready to use. 


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