Storelogy Integration

Storelogy integration is available on the App Marketplace. It can be accessed through the backoffice on the sidebar APPS menu. 

To execute this integration, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your backoffice Moka

  2. Select menu APPS.

  3. Tap on Storelogy.

  4. Click Get Started.

  5. You will be directed to the permission page. Click Allow.

  6. A registration page for Storelogy with the prefilled information will be seen. Make sure your email and phone number are correct and click Register Sekarang.

  7. Wait until the website to finish loading.

  8. After the website is successfully created, Storelogy Dashboard will be shown and the video tutorial to use Storelogy will be available. To synchronize Moka data, click on the banner in Storelogy dashboard that contains: “Ingin mengambil data produk dari `MOKA POS`? Klik di sini untuk sinkronisasi produk yang telah ada ke Storelogy!”

  9. Select which outlet to be synchronized, then click Sync.

  10. The notification window will pop up once the synchronization is completed.

  11. The synchronized data can be accessed by clicking Katalog. Then, select Daftar Produk.

  12. To synchronize other outlet, just go to Dashboard and repeat steps 8-11.                                               

Congratulations! The integration between Moka and Storelogy is now completed. 

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