How to Activate Gopay

Activate Gopay with just a click away!

Notes: Please prepare all the required articles clearly without any cutout to be uploaded according to the Online Merchant Registration Form (E-FPM).


To activate Gopay, follow these steps: 

  1. Open Gopay Registration Form here. 

  2. Insert your information, such as your name on the Merchant Name column, business name on the Outlet Merchant Name, Business ID and Outlet ID. 

    Notes: To identify your Business ID and Outlet ID, ask Moka Support (1500 970 (ext. 2))
    , sales executive, or your agent. 


  3. Once finished filling up the form, you will be redirected to Gopay (E-FPM) Form. Select your business entity and prepare the documents required according to the entity. 

    Gopay (E-FPM) Form consists of 3 sections: registration, document uploads, and terms and conditions.


  4. To insert the registration section, ensure your email address and mobile phone are valid. 

    Notes: If you have several outlets that are using one bank account, you just need to fill up 1 E-FPM. E-FPM only can be submitted more than once if each outlet is using different bank accounts.


  5. To insert the document uploads section, follow these steps: 

    • Documents needed to be uploaded for private business


    • Documents needed to be uploaded for legal entity business 


  6. To insert the terms and conditions section, ensure that all information are complete and all the required documents are uploaded. Read the conditions and click Submit Form

  7. Wait for 10-14 working days for Gopay to be activated. 


  • To fill Google Form: fill out column rekening with the bank account number that is stated in your backoffice.

  • To fill Gopay (EFPM) Form: fill out column rekening with the following data:

    Nama Bank: Mandiri
    Nomer Rekening: 1650056788988
    Nama Pemilik Rekening: MOKA TEKNOLOGI INDONESIA

  • Gopay will be active in 10-14 working days after you submit the form. Please ensure you have completed Moka Internal Form and E-FPM.

  • This activation has 2 types: 
    • If you have more than 1 outlet, and agree to use 1 bank account only, you will just need to submit 1 E-FPM only. You only need to give 1 email address and 1 phone number (that can be contacted) to complete this form.       

    • If you have more than 1 outlet, and agree to use more than 1 bank account, you will need to submit E-FPM as many as the bank accounts used.

  • Gopay has Merchant Discount Rate (MDR) of 0.7%

  • Once Gopay is activated, you can also receive other e-wallet payment because registering Gopay using Moka enables you to accept QRIS system.

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