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General Information & E-FPM (Electronic Merchant Registration Form)

  1. What is Gopay Wallet Activation Form (E-FPM)?
    Gopay Wallet Activation Form (E-FPM) is a n online registration form required for merchants to activate Gopay.

  2. What is MDR?
    MDR stands for Merchant Discount Rate which means the cost that is paid by the merchant for each transaction.  
  1. Which documents that I need to process activation? 
    Here are the required documents for Gopay activation based on your business entities. To identify your business entity, you can look at the bank account used to accept payments on your outlet. If the bank account is under your own name, this means that your business fall under private businesses. If the bank account is under a legal name, this means that your business fall under legal entity businesses.

    Prepare the softcopy of all required articles as clear as possible, without any cutout, and complete according to your business entity below here:  


    Click here for more information.

  2. What if I have several outlets?
    • If you have more than 1 outlet and only use 1 bank account, you only need to submit 1 E-FPM and only need to provide 1 email and 1 contact number (that can be contacted).

    • If you have more than 1 outlet and use more than 1 bank account, you need to submit several E-FPM (based on how many bank account used.

  3. Do I have to attach my bank account number?
    Attaching your bank account number is compulsory as it is one of the requirements to create FPM. 

  4. Do I have to submit all the required documents?
    All the required documents are compulsory for the activation process. 
  5. Do I have to insert my account name according to my KTP?
    For private business entities, you have to insert your account name according to your listed KTP on FPM.

    For legal business entities, you have to insert your company’s name (PT/CV) under the account name.


Promo & Activation

  1. How do I know the Gopay is already active?
    You will get your Gopay active status via email from Midtrans.

  2. How long is the Gopay activation process?
    If there are no issues with the activation process, GO-PAY will be active within 10-14 working days after the hardcopy documents received by Moka POS.

    However, if you have not received the activation status, please contact our customer support on 1500 970 (press 2) or email to support@mokapos.com.
    (Subject: GOPAY Issue - Merchant Name; Example: GOPAY Issue - Monika).

  3. How can I activate Gopay after receiving the activation email from Midtrans? 
    Here are the steps to activate and change your password account: 
    1. Open this link here or click Activate My Account button in the activation email.
    2. Click Trouble Logging In?
    3. Ensure the email address you inserted is according to the FPM.
    4.  Click Reset Password.
    5. You will receive an email from Midtrans with the subject Reset Password.
    6. Open the email and click Change My Password.
    7. Enter your new password.

  4. Is there any cashback program for our customers?
    There are no cashbacks at the moment


Settlement Process

  1. How long is the settlement process?
    The settlement process will take D+1 working day for big banks (such as: Mandiri, BCA). Others than big bank companies, merchant will receive the settlement money with maximum of D+2 or D+3 working days.
  2. Is there a minimum amount/nominal to settle the process?
    Once the minimum nominal is reached IDR 250,000 before excluding MDR. 


Other Questions

  1. Will I receive the QR code banner?
    No, because the QR code will integrate directly with Moka system.

  2. If there is an issue concerning GO-PAY, who should I contact?
    You can contact our customer support at 1500 970 (press 2) or email to support@mokapos.com.
    (Subject: GOPAY Issue - Merchant Name; Example: GOPAY Issue - Monika).
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