How to Print Sticker Label

No more mixed order, thanks to this Sticker Label feature. With this new feature, you are now able to mark order created with label to prevent giving the wrong order to your customer. To start using this feature, you have to change the paper size in your printer settings to 50.8 mm. 

Note: This improvement requires you to update Moka version:

  • Moka POS Android v. 14.9 and above 
  • Moka POS iOS v. 25.2 and above  

Here are the steps to configure using sticker label feature for TSP-650II/TSP-654II and TM-T82 printer:

A. Setup TSP-650II/TSP-654II Printer

To change to 50.8 mm paper size, you have to change the printer settings by following these steps: 

    1. Go to
    2. Select the exact options as the picture below.


    3. Select StarPRNT Intelligence Software and you will be directed to another page.


    4. Click StarPRNT V3.6a FULL 32/64-bit to download the printer driver installation.


    5. After the download is complete, install driver.

      Note: During the driver installation process, please do not connect the printer with your device until it is completed.

    6. Select Printer Utility Star PRNT.


    7. Select Printer TSP654II.

    8. Select Star Line Mode on the Emulation bar at the bottom right section.

    9. Click Next on the bottom right corner.

    10. Select Ethernet. 

    11. Click Search Network.

      Note: Please ensure your printer is connected to the same network as your PC.

    12. Click Done.


    13. Click Printer Settings.


    14. Select 50.8 mm on the Printable Area column.

    15. Click Store on the bottom right section.


    16. Click Exit.


B. Setup EPSON TM-T82 Printer

To set up the EPSON TM-T82 printer, you need to turn off the printer first and then follow these steps:

  1. Hold the Feed button and switch the printer back to ON using the power switch. 
  2. Hold the Feed button again until the printer prints ‘Self Set up note’.
  3. Press the Feed button one more time to print ‘Mode Selection’.
  4. Press Feed button 4 times and hold to select ‘Customize Value Settings’. Printer will print more sub-options.
  5. Press Feed button 9 times and hold to select ‘Paper Width’. Printer will print more sub-options.
  6. Press Feed Button 3 times and hold to select ‘50.8 mm’. Printer will print a message that informs the user that the paper width has been saved.
  7. Turn off the printer.


C. Sticker Label setup on Moka Apps

  1. Select the "Menu" icon (Screen_Shot_2019-08-22_at_5.00.19_PM.png) on your mobile app.


  2. Select SETTINGS.


  3. Choose Printer.


  4. Select the printer that you have set for printing sticker label.


  5. Click on the Sticker Label switch to ON.


    Note: Please ensure that you have managed your printer configuration following the TSP-650II/TSP-654II or EPSON TM-T82 printer settings tutorial.

    Following is the example of the printed sticker label:


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