How to End Shift While Having Offline Data

With e-wallet new transaction flow, you will receive a reminder before ending your current shift while there are Offline Data in your Activity. Having Offline Data means that some of your transactions are still marked as pending and have not synced with Moka App. 

With this new update, you are able to prevent ending your shift while having Offline Data, which could harm your transaction and settlement report. 

Here are the steps to end shift when the App is offline:

  1. On the SHIFT page, select Current Shift. 

  2. Click End Current Shift.


  3. Click End Current Shift.

  4. You will receive pop-up notification to remind you that there are still Offline Data under your current shift.

    Note: Please bear in mind to reconnect your device to the internet before ending your current shift. Ending your current shift while having Offline Data will affect your transaction and settlement report. 

  5. Click Yes, End Current Shift after the App is back online.


  6. To print the report, click Print Summary Shift Report.


  7. You can check the transaction details on your current shift by clicking Shift History and choosing the date of that specific shift.


  8. Your previous Offline Data have been updated and recorded on that specific shifts. 

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