About Moka Connect

What is Moka Connect?
Moka Connect is an API (Application Programming Interface) open platform based for various business solutions for Moka merchants. There are two services available, namely App Marketplace and Private Solution.

What services are available on Moka Connect?
Moka Connect consists of two service products, namely App Marketplace and Private Solution.

App Marketplace is a one-stop-shop marketplace service in Moka's Back Office where we collaborate with various third-party partner applications to be able to provide solutions that suit your needs. No re-register process needed and you can have your Moka integrated with your preferred partner apps through Back Office. To date, here is a list of our App Marketplace partners:

  1. Circle Media
  2. Digiresto
  3. Jurnal
  4. Storeology

Meanwhile, Private Solution is a service that is intended for people who already have their own API system and want a more specific solution. Through this service, you can manage and combine APIs to create new functions to meet your business needs. In other words, you can also integrate custom apps that you already have with the Moka system.

You can read about Moka Connect to find out more about Moka Connect.

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