How to Create Price Cuts Discount Promo

The Price Cuts discount promo can ease you to create promos on your own store website. You can see how to create and set price cuts in the following steps:

  1. How to Create Price Cuts Discount on Moka's Back Office
  2. How to Change Price Cuts Discount Promo


How to Create Price Cuts Discount on Moka's Back Office

  1. Open Moka's Back Office
  2. Click on Library, choose Promo, and then Create Promo.


  3. In Promo Type, choose GoStore Price Cuts. Then give a name for the price cut in the column Promo Name.

    1_Select_Promo_GoStore_Price_Cuts.pngNote: The promo name should be unique and can not be the same with other existing promos. The price cut promo name will not shown in your GoStore storefront.

  4. After naming the promo, click Assign Outlet. Choose the outlets and click Assign Promo.


    Catatan: One (1) promo is appropriate for maximum five (5)outlets. 
    Then click Next to contiue to the next steps.

  5. In PURCHASE REQUIREMENT, there are two choices:
      • Apply discounts to all items
        If you choose this option, all items in the selected outlets will get the discount.

      • Discount to specific items
        You can apply the promo in only some items of in specific categories. You can search by product name or the category name. Purchase_Requirement.png
        Assign_Items.pngIf you have setup the requirements, then click
         Assign Items.

  6. In REWARD you can setup the discount amount by clicking Discount Amount that you can set in Rupiah (Rp) or percentage (%).


    Note: If the discount value is greater than the product price, your store's website will automatically shows Rp.1.

  7. Click Create to save the discount that has been set. You have successfully made a discount at the outlet and item you have specified.
    Note: There is no time lag between the Moka Backoffice promo and your shop page, so the price cuts will immediately apply to the items and outlets you selected when you successfully made it.

Congratulations, your price cuts has been successfully created! If you want to change the strikethrough promo, you can follow these steps:

How to Change Price Cuts Discount Promo

  1. Open Moka's Back Office
  2. Click Library, choose Promo, and click on the price cuts discount promo name that you want to change.


  3. You You can do the following to change the discount promo strike that has been previously saved:
    • PROMO TYPE - Change the name of the discount or which outlet will apply the discount.
    • PURCHASE REQUIREMENT - Change the requirements for getting the discount, for example changing the product or category for which the discount will be given.
    • REWARD - Change the type of discount (IDR or percentage) and the amount of the discount.

  4. If the changes are appropriate, click Save to save the changes.
    Note: promo changes will be immediately applied to your GoStore without any time lag.


How to View Price Cuts Discount Promo Report

In Moka, you can view the promo reports that you have created. To view them, follow these guidelines:

  1. Open
  2. Click REPORTS, choose Sales and click Discount.

Advatages of Activationg Price Cuts Discount Promo

Now you can set the price cuts discount on the GoStore online store website flexibly. Enjoy the these 6 advantages by activating the price cuts discount on your GoStore:

  1. Flexible timing
    There is no time lag to implement the strikethrough price feature. That way you can create and delete promos at any time. After successfully creating a promo through Moka's backoffice, the promo will immediately appear on your store page. To stop the promo, you can delete the promo from Moka's Backoffice.
  2. Flexibility to arrange promo information
    With the ease of changing the type of product, the amount of the discount and the terms of the product to be discounted, you can adjust the price cuts discount promo that you make with the promotional budget you have.
  3. Flexibility in choosing discounted products
    If you want to create a massive price cuts promo, you can apply the discount to all products at an outlet at once or to certain product categories.
  4. Price cuts discount promo quota = discounted item stock
    No need to worry about promo quotas. The price cuts discount promo will adjust to the amount of discounted product stock.
  5. Neat discount recording
    On Moka, you can see the performance of your discount and evaluate whether the price cuts discount promo you have created is effective or not.
  6. More and more buyers from social media
    By providing price cuts promo, it will certainly increase the interest of potential buyers from your social media to checkout! Don't forget to integrate your GoStore with social media so that your price cuts discount can also be seen by your store followers.
    Note: the price shown on your social media is the final discounted price of the product.

Let's start making price cuts discount promos at your GoStore right now through Moka Back Office!

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