"Parade Moka" Program


“Parade Moka” (Potongan Harga Gede Moka) is a promo program from Moka to welcoming the new year for the all entrepreneurs.


With our special price, the newly joined merchant will get 1 Year of Moka Basic Package Subscription, 1 Year of Your Preferred Premium Features, and 1 Moka Stand 180.


Get the benefits of the same price guarantee for the second year extension, bonus benefits if you are currently using different POS brand, and free MDR (Merchant Discount Rate) fees until 30 April 2022.


Terms and conditions


  • Moka's special subscription package price applies to new merchants.
  • The package price applies if the merchant enters the PARADEMOKA referral code when registering in the period 5 November - 31 December.


  • The extra benefit of the Moka subscription period with the remaining current POS subscription period is only offered to merchants using POS Pawoon, Majoo, iSeller, HelloBill, ESB, Luna, Qasir, Nuta, Olsera, Abacus, Loyverse, Lavu, Bukukas, POST, DealPOS, Jubelio, iReap, Smart Cashier, Vireo, Odoo, Square, BeePOS, Popcorn
  • Merchants will get an additional subscription period at MOKA as much as the remaining subscription period in the previous POS
  • Moka merchant account will be activated immediately after making payment (maximum 7 working days)
  • Calculation of the remaining merchant subscription period is seen from the month the merchant makes payments
  • on MOKA with the expiration month of the merchant subscription active at the previous POS
  • The maximum additional remaining subscription period given is 12 months
  • If the POS used previously has free POS or is not paid (no expiration date) then MOKA will provide an additional 6 months subscription


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