Getting to Know GoBiz PLUS, the All-purpose EDC Device for Your Outlet

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What is GoBiz PLUS?

GoBiz PLUS is a device that fulfills your business’ transactional needs by being able to print receipts and accept non-cash payments (i.e. QRIS, debit, and credit cards). With GoBiz PLUS, you can print receipts and accept non-cash payments (i.e. QRIS, debit, and credit cards) using the same device.

Advantages to using GoBiz PLUS

  1. Print Receipts Instantly
    Your device is equipped with a built-in printer that is compatible with the GoBiz application. You do not have to buy any additional devices to print receipts.

  2. Accept QRIS and Debit/Credit Card Payments
    Reach to more customers by accepting non-cash payments. With this device, you will be able to accept card payments without having to register at the bank.
    Here are some of the payment methods that GoBiz PLUS can accept and process:
    - BCA Debit
    - GPN Debit
    - BCA Credit
    - VISA
    - Mastercard
    - Maestro

  3. Integrated with all Gojek services
    Moka, GoFood, GoPay, GoKasir, GoFresh, GoModal and all Gojek’s other services can be accessed directly from your GoBiz PLUS device.

Integrating Moka POS with GoBiz PLUS

You can integrate your Moka POS service with GoBiz PLUS, which will enable the GoBiz PLUS EDC to automatically record all card-based transactions from your Moka POS. Here are the benefits of integrating the two services: 

  1. Consolidated Reports
    All card-based transactions using the GoBiz PLUS EDC will be automatically recorded in the Moka POS application. You can view the report from your outlet’s Moka Back Office.

  2. Accuracy & Integrity
    The charged amount that the customers need to pay will automatically be displayed in the GoBiz PLUS ECR during the transaction. The cashier will no longer need to manually input the amount in the EDC device.

  3. Efficient
    You no longer need to record and consolidate the amount of multiple card-based transactions from a certain outlet, because all payments using debit/credit cards will be automatically processed by Moka with the tag ‘GoBiz PLUS EDC’.

Integrating Moka POS with GoBiz PLUS really does make running your business easier, doesn’t it?

Start integrating your Moka POS account with GoBiz PLUS now by contacting our Support team through the following channels:

📧 Email:

📞 Call center: 1500970 (ext.2)

📱 Whatsapp: +628119956652


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