How to Set up and Receive Self Pick Up Orders on GoStore

The Self Pick-up feature allows customers to purchase products through your GoStore store and pick up purchased items directly at your offline store independently.

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How to Set Up a Self Pick Up Feature on GoStore

Check out how to enable the Self Pick-up feature through Moka's Back Office as follows:

  1. Sign in to Moka's back office and enter the Online Store menu. Image_from_iOS__2_.jpg

  2. Select GoStore menu.Image_from_iOS__10_.jpg

  3. Click Manage.Image_from_iOS__9_.jpg

  4. Select Pengaturan Outlet menuImage_from_iOS__5_.jpg

  5. Click the settings at one of the outlets you want to enable for the Self Pick Up feature (Ambil Sendiri).Image_from_iOS__7_.jpg

  6. Click Ambil Sendiri option.Image_from_iOS__3_.jpg

  7. Click "Saya Mengerti" to update the Moka POS app on Android if you want to receive an order from Self Pick Up (Ambil Sendiri).

    Note: update your Moka Android app at least with version 17.7 to be able to see changes to your Self Pick Up settings. Image_from_iOS__6_.jpg

  8. Click "Simpan" for activate the Self Pick Up feature.Image_from_iOS__4_.jpg

  9. Congratulations! You successfully activated the Self Pick Up feature (Ambil Sendiri).Image_from_iOS__8_.jpg


How to Receive Self Pick Up Orders from Moka POS App

Make sure your Moka app is updated with the latest version (minimum v17.7) in order to accept Self Pick Up orders. Check out how to receive Self Pick-up orders through the following Moka app:

  1. Sign in to the Moka POS App and select the Online Order menu. To select an order with Self Pick Up, use the Delivery Method: Ambil Sendiri and then click "Terima Pesanan".Image_from_iOS__13_.jpg

  2. If the order is ready to be taken by the buyer, click "Siap Diambil" and confirm the pop up that appears. You are given 1x24 hours to prepare the order. (This does not include weekends and public holidays.)

  3. Click "Selesaikan Pesanan" if the transaction is complete or the order has been given to the buyer.

  4. You are required to reconfirm and equate the Order ID with the buyer. If it's correct, click "Selesaikan Pesanan."

  5. Click "Selesaikan Pesanan", the delivery status will change to "Pesanan Selesai".

  6. If you click "Batalkan Pesanan", the funds will be returned to the buyer and the status will be changed to "Cancelled Order".Image_from_iOS__15_.jpg

Next, check out how to buy using the Self Pick Up feature for your customers.


Advantages of Using Self Pick Up from GoStore

  • Hassle-free to send goods and at no extra cost
    You no longer need to incur additional shipping costs because of the buyers who will come to your store. You can also set the time of order collection schedule with buyers via WhatsApp.
  • The quality of food/drink is more maintained
    The quality of food / drink becomes more maintained because direct orders are given to buyers without going through couriers.
  • Improve the efficiency of a restaurant or store
    You can be more time and energy efficient because there is no need to send goods and packing. You just have to wait for the buyer to come take the order.

Tips to Maximize Self Pick Up Feature

  • Choose your most strategic outlet
    Because you can only choose one outlet address to be used as an order collection point, then choose the most strategic outlet address.
  • Make sure the stock of goods is available
    Your store is given 1x24 hours to accept incoming orders from Self Pick Up. Make sure the stock of goods is available. Avoid disappointed customers because the stock runs out by always monitoring the availability of your store's stock.
  • Make sure the goods are ready to be taken
    Your store is only given 2x24 hours to tell the buyer that the order is ready to be taken.  
  • Set an order pick up schedule with buyers
    Don't forget to enter your WhatsApp number in GoStore so shoppers can contact you to create a pick-up schedule or ask about your product. 
  • Install a GoStore QR code in front of your store
    To attract many buyers, you can download GoStore QR code banner template size A1 and A3
  • Put the tent card on the shop tables
    To increase the convenience of your customers in placing an order, you can install a Tent Card on your shop table which you can download in A5 and A6 sizes.

How to Create QR Code and Tent Card for GoStore Banner

  • Open any QR code generator website service with your browser.
  • Input your GoStore domain as the backlink.
  • Click download the PNG file.
  • Open the GoStore QR template and tent card using photo editor. Add the QR code on the template.
  • You can print the banner with QR code and place it in the front of your offline shop and on the tables.

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