Getting to Know and How to Setup ECR Link, the First Step of Integrating Moka with the GoBiz PLUS Device

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ECR Link and the Benefits It Offers for Your Business

Moka ECR Link (Electronic Cash Register Link) is a feature found on Moka POS to process payments by debit/credit cards through GoBiz PLUS devices.

With this feature, the cashier does not need to enter the amount that needs to be paid and the type of card used by the customer manually into the EDC machine. The payment amount and card type have been integrated, and are automatically input to Moka POS. Ultimately, the nominal amount that appears is guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

In comparison, outlets without the ECR feature still need to input the payment amount and card type manually into Moka POS. This condition creates the risk of incorrect input and also takes more time to process transactions.

Here's a comparison between outlets with and without Moka’s ECR Link:

  Using ECR Link Without ECR Link
Registering EDC Requesting for EDC can be done through Moka POS Requesting for EDCs need to be done through various banks according to the EDC service providers
Data Consolidation & Transaction Amount Automatically consolidated with Moka POS Not automatically consolidated and needs to be tagged manually in Moka POS
Accuracy of Revenue Data 100% Accurate Not 100% Accurate
Operational Impact to Cashier Easier to use
Cashier does not need to manually input the transaction amount on the EDC and only has to choose the payment method using GoBiz Plus
Less easy to use
Cashier needs to manually input the transaction amount and the customer’s payment card’s number on the EDC and on Moka POS. This step is required to record the proof of transactions in case said transaction is not recorded properly in the EDC

Prerequisites and 3 Steps Setup

The ECR Link feature on Moka can be used by all Moka POS merchants who meet the following three prerequisites before setting up the feature:

  1. Has an active Moka POS account whose application has been updated to version 17.7 for Android, and 27.8 for iOS.
  2. Has a GoBiz account that has been activated with a GoPay account. Click here to learn how.
  3. Has a GoBiz PLUS device, Learn the specifications here.

If you have made sure that the three prerequisites are met, then you are ready to set up the ECR Link feature. There are two stages that you need to complete to successfully setup the ECR Link feature on your Moka POS, namely:

  1. Activating the special Payment Configuration "GoBiz PLUS" on Moka Back Office
  2. Activating ECR Link on Tablet

Stage 1: How to Create a New Payment Configuration on Moka Back Office

This is the first step in the ECR Link setup where you are directed to activate the "GoBiz PLUS EDC" payment configuration through the Moka Back Office. Here are the steps:

  1. Access Moka's Back Office account.

  2. Select the Payment menu.

  3. Select Payment Configuration.

  4. Select Add Configuration.

  5. Fill in the Configuration Name.

  6. Select the outlet that will use the payment configuration that is being made.

  7. Select the desired payment method for this payment configuration, including “GoBiz PLUS EDC” for the card payment method.

  8. Select "Save"

Stage 2: How to Activate ECR Link on Your Tablet

After you have confirmed that there is an active GoBiz PLUS payment method, you need to activate the ECR Link on the tablet which will then be used by the cashier to process customer orders. The method is as follows:

  1. Login to your POS account on your Tablet.

  2. Go to settings and under the words "Hardware". choose GoBiz PLUS EDC.

  3. Click "Connect with IP Address."
  4. Enter the IP Address on the GoBiz PLUS Device. Learn how to do it here.

  5. Click on “Connect Now.

Additional Stage: How to Find Your GoBiz Device’s IP Address

As explained in the second step of the ECR Link setup, you are directed to fill in the IP Address of the GoBiz PLUS device. This step is needed so that the device used by your cashier to process customer orders can be automatically integrated with the GoBiz PLUS device. Check out the method as follows:

  1. Log in to your GoBiz account. Learn how to do it here.

  2. Choose more.

  3. Select Payment.

  4. Select Troubleshooting.

  5. Select Sambung ke mesin kasir

  6. Select the toggle under “Nyalakan Sambungan”so it turns purple.

  7. Your IP Address will be displayed.

Congratulations, you have successfully set up the ECR Link. Let's get ready for the convenience of processing customer orders.


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