Moka Referral Program

Moka Referral Program is a program specifically designed for Moka merchants where you can refer Moka to your friends and earn rewards. By inviting your friends to subscribe to Moka, each of you and your friends will get a free subscription that can be directly used for your business. 

Follow these simple steps to join this program:

  1. You just need to fill in this short form on this Referral Program page. 


  2. Ensure that you type in your Moka account’s registered email address to identify you as a referrer.

  3. You’ll receive an email notification from Moka once your friend is interested to use Moka. 

  4. Once your friend who joins the referral program becomes an active Moka member, we will renew your subscription automatically at the end of the month.

Since you can join this program multiple times, the more outlets that you have successfully referred to Moka, the more benefits you’ll get.

Here is the benefit that you’ll enjoy as a referrer:

  • Free additional 1 month Moka subscription for every outlet that you have referred.*

Your friend who just joined Moka from this referral program will also have their fair share of benefit:

  • Free additional 1 month Moka subscription for every outlet once they have registered for Moka’s annual subscription.*


Terms & Conditions


  1. Your friend will receive free 1 month if using annual subscription. The maximum free subscription period is 6 months.
  2. If your friend subscribe any modular feature (Table Management, Ingredient, etc) when they made their first payment, then the subscription for those modular feature will be extended 1 month for free.
  3. Only applicable for new merchants within the campaign period. 
  4. The data of your friend for Moka Account registration needs to be according to the data you use to fill in the form. 



  1. You will get the benefit once the referee's annual subscription started. Wait for Moka email notification. 
  2. Free 1 month subscription for every outlet your friend signed up for Moka (referee). The maximum free subscription period is 6 months*
  3. The email of the referrer should be the same like the email that is used on Moka backoffice account.
  4. The email of the referee should be different with the email of the referrer. 
  5. If you have modular features subscription (Table Management, Ingredients, etc) since the start of using Moka, then your modular features subscription will be extended based on the benefit you will receive in this program. 
  6. Only applicable for new merchants within the campaign period.

*The free month subscription period that is given to the Referee and Referrer will be counted based on the number of outlet registered by the Referee when making the first payment. If the Referee add an outlet afterwards, then the Referrer and Referee will not receive any additional free month subscription. 

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