How to Input SKU (Item) Faster Using Barcode Scanner

To create items for retail businesses are quite tedious, especially if you have more than 500 items sold on your retail. 

If you are selling your own items and do not have barcode, you can print and create your own barcode. Click here to know how to create your own barcode

Notes: You need to buy a barcode scanner that is supported by Moka application. Having a barcode will not only help you to input item, but also will help your cashier to checkout easier.  

Click here if you want any barcode scanner supported by Moka

Here are the steps to input SKU faster for retail businesses: 


How to Create Item via Excel Import

Before you can create item, you have to connect your barcode scanner with your computer first. 

Click here to connect barcode scanner with your computer

Here are the steps to create item via excel import: 

  1. Login to backoffice Moka.
  2. Select menu LIBRARY.

  3. Choose Item Library.

  4. Select Import/Export, then click Import items.


  5.  Modify Item Library if you want to add new items.

  6. Click Modify.

  7. Press Download our Template.

  8. Scan your barcode item on the SKU column.

  9. Insert the item information, such as item name, item category, item price, item stock, according to the required columns. 
  10. Repeat steps 1-7, then drag your excel file to the box. 
  11. Click Upload.


Congratulations! You have successfully input SKU faster for your retail business

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