How to Subscribe Moka

You are able to see your current Moka subscription plan through Billing feature. In this section you will also learn how to renew Moka subscription.

How to View Moka Current Subscription

Here is the steps to view current Moka subscription status: 

  1. Login to Moka backoffice.

  2. Choose menu ACCOUNT SETTINGS.

  3. Click Billing.


Learn more about your Moka subscription plan below here. 

Current Plan

The status of your current subscriptions.


Active Outlets

The list of expiration date for each outlet that are registered.



Features Subscription 

The status of your add ons or modular features. 




The total amount of subscription fees to be paid. You can choose to make monthly or annual payments by selecting the payment cycle in the Billing Cycle.



Billing History

The status of bill payments you have paid before.



How to Pay Moka Renewal Through Billing

Starting in November 2021, you can renew the subscription status using GoPay. Please noticed that this feature is limited to payments with a maximum nominal value of 10 million rupiahs.

Making payments can only be done through the Billing menu with the following steps:

1. Login to Moka backoffice with your email master. Choose Account Settings and click Billing.

2. In Billing choose "12 month cycle".

3. Enter the coupon code if you have a coupon code.

4. Click Pay.

5. You will be directed to the payment method page where you will choose to pay the Moka renewal fee.      You can choose from various available payment methods, there are credit / debit cards, ATM / bank
    transfers, and other GoPay / e-wallet.
You can pay via GoPay with a nominal payment limit according to
    your account type on GoPay.


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