Moka Dashboard Overview

Moka Backoffice gives you access to the tools you need to manage your daily business operations. See the development of your business with online reporting, employee management, inventory management and customer databases. All in one place. To summarize our Moka Dashboard, you can watch our video or see every details explanation of our backoffice that listed below the video.

Here is the overview of Moka's Dashboard:


The Moka Dashboard section provides an overview of daily business activities and best-selling items. You can also view a summary analysis of sales reports for each outlet in the desired time period.

MokaPos Apps

Moka POS cashier system application for Android and iOS devices that can be used in the daily sales transaction process.

Download here for IOS

Download here for Android.

Account Settings

Account Settings is where you can manage your personal account information, business information, manage bank accounts and receive email notifications.

  • Account: Manage your general information about the Personal profile of the business owner.
    Billing: View and monitor the subscription status of your MokaPOS account through the Billing feature.
  • Outlets: If you have more than 1 (one) business outlet, you can register these outlets in the "Outlets" feature so that the Moka POS system can be applied to all of your outlets.
  • Bank AccountTo manage bank accounts in all locations.
  • Payment Method: To check the Status and Conditions for Types of E-Wallet Payment Methods
  • Public Profile: Manage and write general information about the business profile in Public Profile.
  • Receipt: To make settings on the receipt display and you can see the receipt display which will be printed.
  • Checkout: You can add taxes, additional fees, rounding, tracking of serving employees and stock limits in the checkout feature.
  • Email Notifications: Tell us what email report you want to receive from Moka Pos and add email recipients.


By activating the Employee feature, you will easily manage the roles and authority of your employees and increase the security of business operations with PIN Access.

  • Employee Slots: To create a database of your employees and their respective roles by registering each employee's email.
  • Employee Access: To make a list of roles and access for your employees in the Backoffice and Apps.
  • PIN Access:  To authorize and limit employee access with a PIN.


Library section helps you quickly create and add items, discounts, promos, types of sales, manage taxes and additional costs (Gratuity) into the application.

  • Item Library: You can use the "Item Library" menu to create and add items to your store database and manage initial stock and COGS (Cost Of Good Sold).
  • Modifiers: You can make additional items that can be applied to each of your menus or menu variants through the Modifier feature.
  • Categories: You can create categories of items through the Categories feature.
  • Promo: This feature allows you to create a promo program to get more customers and increase sales. Promo is a program that can be automatically applied to every customer who meets the spending requirements that you specify.
  • Discounts: The discount feature allows you to create and set discounted amounts based on discounted money or percentage.
  • Taxes: The Tax feature allows you to create and apply taxes.
  • Gratuity (Service Charge): Allows you to create and add additional costs.
  • Sales TypeThe Sales Type feature makes it possible to create sales types such as "Dine In" or "Take Away".

Ingredient (Add On)

Ingredient Feature (raw material) to control raw material stock more easily. Your stock of raw materials will automatically decrease when the items are sold in the application. Click here.


The Inventory feature is useful to make it easier for you to control the stock of goods and raw materials at each outlet. You can check the quantity and status of each item and raw material, move stock between outlets, make stock adjustments, and place an order with your supplier.

  • SummaryConclusion or summary of Stock items in the Moka POS system.
  • Suppliers: Supplier List "To simplify the process of ordering stock of items and raw materials, you can enter your supplier data in this section.
  • Purchase Order: This section allows you to order items and raw materials through a purchase order.
  • Transfer: This section allows you to move items and raw materials between outlets.
  • Adjustment: Make adjustments in stock or manually match the Moka POS system when you do stock opname or when there is a change in stock outside of sales activities.


See a summary of customer loyalty, visits, and average expenditure of customer data, get feedback, create a loyalty program (point system). Through this Customer feature, you can find out who comes to your outlet, what they buy, how often they come and more.

  • Customer List: A list of customers stored in the Moka database and a summary of customer loyalty, visits and average customer expenses.
  • Feedback: In this section, you can see and reply to feedback when you send a receipt via SMS or email to customers.
  • Loyalty Program:  In this section to create a loyalty program for customers with a point systemClick Here.


In this Reports section, you can access detailed accounting reports for your business. Starting from the sales report, transaction report, up to each shift report. Each report contained in this report can be downloaded in Excel by clicking the Export option at the top right of each report page.

  • Sales: Statement of overall income from sales transactions that occur at outlets in the period you specify, based on the type of report specified.
  • Transactions: To see detailed reports per transaction that occur at outlets in a certain period.
  • Invoices: This report is used to view transaction installments and maturities that use the Invoice payment method in the application.
  • Shift: To check the detailed payment method report that is used per a certain shift, both when the shift is still running or after the shift ends.

Table Management (Add On)

This Table Management feature is used to manage and create table layouts and also to view transaction reports per table. Click Here 

Moka Connect (APPS).

Moka Open Platform/App Marketplace, To integrate applications with Moka's selected partners. Click here.

Moka Capital

Moka Capital online capital loan solutions for Moka Merchants. It provides access to loans to help you grow your business. Click here.

Moka Fresh

Moka POS's B2B (Business to Business) platform that connects you with suppliers of food ingredients to meet your needs, especially those in the culinary field. Click here.

Moka Terminal Integration

To have a Payment API, it allows merchants who currently use the Non-Moka POS system to be able to receive E-Wallet payments through integration into the Moka Terminal using our API. Click Here


 Learn More About MokaPos



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