How to Create, Manage, and Delete Discount

Giving discounts is an important strategy in increasing sales transactions in businesses. Through Moka's discount feature, you can easily create, manage, and delete discounts to multiple outlets at once. In addition, you can also determine the amount of the discount with a nominal rupiah or percentage for certain items or all items in the shopping cart.

Before making a discount, you need to know how the feature works differently in a single outlet store and a multi-outlet store. The first condition applies to both types of stores, i.e. you cannot create different discount programs with the same name. In addition, only for multi-outlet stores you can update and delete discounts at once to the various outlets, and you can find out which outlets have applied discounts.

Here are the steps to create a discount:

  1. Login to backoffice Moka

  2. Go to LIBRARY.

  3. Select Discounts.

  4. Click Create Discounts.

  5. In the DISCOUNT INFORMATION box, fill the discount name in the Discount Name part.

  6. In the Amount part, specify whether you want to set the rupiah amount or the discount percentage by selecting the Rupiah/Percentage button.

  7. Select which outlets will or will not apply the discount.

  8. Click Assign Outlet to save the discount.
    Single-outlet Store Image
    Multi-outlet Store Image


    The discount created will appear on Moka apps. On the apps, there are two ways to add discounts for your customers which are from the Library Menu and Item Menu.

    Here is the discounts list on the Library Menu:


    Here are the discount lists on the Item Menu:



How to Manage and Delete Discounts at Once

Only for multi-outlet users, you can directly manage which outlets will or will not apply the discount through the following steps:

  1. Login to backoffice Moka

  2. Go to LIBRARY.

  3. Select Discounts.

  4. In the discount name table, select the name of the discount you want to manage.

  5. In the DISCOUNT INFORMATION table, click Assign Outlet

  6. In the Assign Discount to Outlet table, select which outlets will or will not apply a discount by checking the outlet option. Click Select All if you want to apply the discount to all outlets.

  7. Click Assign Discount.

  8. Click Save to save the discount.

You can also remove discounts from various outlets in the following ways:

  1. Login to backoffice Moka

  2. Go to LIBRARY.

  3. Select Discounts.
  4. In the discount name table, select the discount name you want to delete.

  5. Click the red trash bin button at the bottom right of the screen to remove the discount. Please understand that if you delete a discount that has been applied at multiple outlets, then the entire discount will be automatically deleted in all outlets that apply it.

  6. Click the Delete button on the delete verification table, and the discount will be deleted immediately.Step_delete.png

Let's try to directly practice the method above on your Backoffice account!


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