How To View Invoice Report

This report allows you to view your invoice and the invoice status from the Moka App.

Here is the steps to view invoice report: 

  1. Login to Moka backoffice

  2. Visit menu REPORTS.

  3. Select Invoices

  4. Select which outlet you want to see the report by using the Outlet Filter.


  5. Select the desired time period to change the report time range by using the Date Filter.


    There are various status for invoice transactions, which are: 


    • Canceled - The status for invoices that have been cancelled.

    • Unpaid - The status for invoices that have not been paid off. 

    • Overdue - The status for invoices that have not been paid and have passed the due date.

    • Paid - The status for invoices that have been paid in full.

    • Partially Paid - The status for invoices that have been partially paid invoices

  6. Click one of the invoice transactions to see the particulars of the selected invoice receipt.

  7. Click Record Payment to update the payment status on the invoice.


  8. Enter the received payment amount on the Amount Received field, the date when the payment is paid off on the Payment Date field, the payment type to pay off the invoice on the Payment Type field, and additional information on the Note field. 


  9. Click Save



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