How to Create Transaction

After setting up your printer, you can create transaction using Moka App by following these steps: 

How to Save Bill

You can save the bill if you allow your customers to pay later and re-open the bill to add items or to process checkout payment.

Here is the steps how to save bill: 

  1. Visit menu POINT-OF-SALES.

  2. After adding items to the shopping cart, click Billing List.


  3. Click New Bill


  4. Tap Save.


  5. Enter the name of the bill (For example: Table 1), then click Save.


  6. To add more items in an open bill, tap on the Billing List icon and select the bill you want to open.

  7. After adding the changes to the bill, click Save Bill



How to Process Transaction

Here is the steps to process transaction directly on Moka app:

  1. Choose items that you want to put in shopping cart.

  2. Click Pay.

  3. Choose payment methods as your customers request, then click Pay.

  4. You can send out the receipt by email, phone number, or print the receipt.



How to Use Custom Amount

Here is the steps of using custom amount:

  1. Choose menu CUSTOM AMOUNT

  2. Put the item price you want to add in shopping cart.

  3. Click + to add item in shopping cart.



How to Print Bill

Here is the steps to print bill:

  1. Put your customer's orders in the shopping cart or open a saved bill on Billing List.

  2. Click Print Bill.




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