How to Activate Tax and Gratuity, Price Rounding, Stock Limit and Track Server

You can use menu Checkout to activate tax and gratuity for every transaction, rounding price, notification for stock limit alert, and track server on Moka App.

Watch the video tutorial to activate tax and gratuity, price rounding, stock limit and track server: 

Here is the steps to use menu Checkout: 

  1. Login to Moka backoffice.

  2. Open menu ACCOUNT SETTINGS. 


  3. Click Checkout.


  4. After selecting the setting for activation according to your business needs, click Save


How to Activate Tax and Gratuity

You can activate tax and gratuity if you want the price on the menu is included with the tax and gratuity.

Here is the steps to activate Tax and Gratuity: 

  1. On the TAX AND GRATUITY SETTINGS section, you can activate tax by clicking ON/OFF button at the Enable Tax section.

  2. Activate gratuity by clicking ON/OFF button at the Enable Gratuity section. 


    • If you want to set tax before or after discount, learn how to set Tax Configuration here.
    • If you select Include Tax and Gratuity to Item Price, the price stated in the Item Library must be the price that already include taxes and additional cost.

    • If you select Add Tax and Gratuity to Item Price, the price in the Item Library must be the price excluding taxes and additional fees, because the system will automatically add taxes and additional fees on customer bills.


How to Activate Rounding Settings 

You can round the price on Moka App for payment process by activating rounding settings. 

Here is to activate Rounding Settings: 

  1. On the ROUNDING SETTINGS section, activate the rounding settings by clicking ON/OFF on the Enable Rounding section. 

    • Rounding Digits is an option to do rounding in hundreds or thousands.

    • Rounding Down Below is a coloumn to set in which number the rounding will be done. 

  2. Examples of desired rounding is below the column Rounding Down Below. 


How to Activate Stock Limit Alert

Stock Limit Alert provides notification for the cashier when your stock is depleting or empty on the Moka App. 

Notes: This feature will only be active when you have activate the track item stock and not connecting this to any recipes on backoffice Moka. Read this article to learn How to Activate Track Inventory.

Here is the steps how to activate Stock Limit Alert: 

  1. On the STOCK LIMIT section, you can activate the notification by clicking ON/OFF on the Enable Stock Limit section.

  2. Activate Allow Override until the text shows ON if you want to allow your cashier to continue the transaction although your item stock is depleting or empty. 


How to Track Server 

Track Server helps you to track your server performance according to the shift. 

Notes: you can see the summary of the sales report based on your server shift by opening menu REPORTS, then select Sales section, after that click Served By.

Here is the step to Track Server: 

  • On the OTHER SETTINGS section, you can activate Track Server by clicking ON/OFF on the Track Server section.

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