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What is GoFresh?


GoFresh is a marketplace service from GoJek that connects GoFood partners with high quality ingredient suppliers.



Do I need to re-register for GoFresh ?

Currently, GoFresh can only be accessed through GoBiz App in Android smartphones. Having a GoBiz account is compulsory to create order in GoFresh. Since GoFresh is still not yet open for public, there will be a registration process before you can start shopping in GoFresh.

If you do not have a GoBiz account yet, you need to create one first. Here is the link to learn how to create a GoBiz account. Then, click How do I sign up for GoBiz.

How to sign up for GoBiz

If you already have a GoBiz account but have not the access to GoFresh, follow these steps: 

  1. Select Daftar at the Moka Fresh page on backoffice. 

    Notes: This registration is only available on Android smartphones. 


  2. Insert your information, such as your business name, your phone number that can be contacted, and email address that was used for GoBiz activation on this form. 


  3. Wait until our team to contact you once your GoFresh account has been activated. Then, you can click Mulai Belanja.


  4. Click Go To App then the GoBiz App will open on your phone. 


    If you do not have GoBiz App, you will be directed to the download GoBiz page. 



What is the payment method available in GoFresh?

Below is the list of payment methods available in GoFresh:

  1. BCA Virtual Account
  2. Non-BCA virtual Account
  3. Alfamart
  4. GoPay
  5. GoBiz Balance
  6. Credit Card


Below are the admin fee for every payment method:

  1. BCA Rp 2.500,-
  2. Bank lain Rp 3.300,-
  3. Alfamart Rp 5.000,-
  4. Credit Card 5% from total transaction



How to make an order on GoFresh ?

To learn how to make an order on GoFresh, click the link below here:

How to make an order on GoFresh  (Indonesian only)



Who to contact if I still have questions about GoFresh?

For other inquiries related to GoFresh, you can click the link below here:

Panduan GoFresh(Indonesian only)

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