Effective Features for Your Business During Pandemic

We understand that COVID-19 pandemic is a difficult time for SMEs around Indonesia. As a point-of-sales company that empowers SMEs, Moka commits to support SMEs with all the services we can provide. Various features are crucial to face this pandemic in this category. Here are some features that are significant to weather this pandemic downturn using Moka.

Dashboard & Report

Monitoring your business at home allows you to manage your business data. By managing your data, you can assess your business risk. Calculating your business risk will help you to sustain your business in times of crisis. Find out How to View Summary Reports on Dashboard here.

Cashless Payment Method

Serve cashless payment methods during this pandemic to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus through cash. Moka supports you to receive various types of mobile payments that are commonly used by customers. Discover How to Activate E-Wallet using Moka.

CRM Basic

Get to know your customers and collect their data to build a loyalty program. Amidst this situation, you can deliver promotions and general information personally to customers. Start using Moka Loyalty Program feature and find out How to Create Loyalty Program and How to Register New Loyalty Program Member.


Track inventory availability and receive an alert when your stock is running low without having to visit your outlet. See How to Apply Track Items Inventory.

Avoid unused or expired items in the middle of this situation by making stock adjustments. Learn How to Adjust Stocks with Inventory Adjustments.


If you are forced to operate your business online, limit the number of employees who work at the outlet. Prevent employees gathering  at one place and find How to Set PIN for Employee Access

Digital Receipt

Reduce physical contact between your customers and employees by sending digital receipts via SMS. See How to Create Transaction using Moka.

We hope that we will go through this difficult time together. Contact our customer support if you needed any assistance at 1500 970 (Press 2).






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