How to Assign a PIN For Employees

If you want to allow the employee’s PIN to be used for PIN Access authorization, tick the Allow employee to use PIN for in-app permission set on PIN Access checkbox. When you enable this function, the employee’s PIN can unlock PIN Access permissions in Moka App given that the user is assigned to the same outlet as the employee.

Here is the steps to assign a PIN for employees: 

  1. Log in to Moka backoffice

  2. Visit menu EMPLOYEES.

  3. Select Employee Slots.

  4. Select an existing employee or create a new employee.

  5. Input or check the correct First Name, Last Name, Email and Phone Number.


  6. Select the appropriate role.


  7. Tick the Assign a PIN checkbox.


    • If your employee does not yet have a PIN, a unique 4-digit PIN will be auto generated.

    • You are allowed to change this auto generated PIN as long as the combination is unique. No duplicate PINs are allowed within the same business.

    • Tick Allow employee to use PIN for in-app permission set on PIN Access to allow the combination to unlock features requiring a PIN. Click here to learn more about PIN Access.

  8. Select Assign Outlet.


  9. Click Save.

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