Lesson 1: What To Prepare

Before getting started using Moka, you need to prepare the following to further optimize Moka's Point of Sale features in managing and growing your business.

Use Compatible Android / iPad tablet

Make sure the devices you have meet Moka application specifications. Check the iPad/Android Tablet Recommendations.

Use Compatible Printer and Barcode Scanner

To print a receipt and allow customers to make payments, you need to use a printer and barcode scanner that complies with the Moka Application specifications. Check the Printer Recommendations and Barcode Scanner Recommendations here.

Prepare Documents

In the next section, you will need several documents to activate e-wallet. The documents that you need to prepare are as follow:

  • Photo of ID card
  • Photo of NPWP

You can watch our tutorial about how to make Moka Account in this video below.

Congratulations, you have prepared the necessities before you start setting up Moka! Next, follow Lesson 2: Complete Your Moka Account.

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