Lesson 6: Manage Employees Access in Backoffice

After managing customer data according to Lesson 5: Manage Customers Data in Backoffice, this material will help you manage employees access for your business.

In the Employees feature, you can set the role and access of your employees. To maintain your business' security, you can also apply an access PIN where the PIN is needed to access certain features in the Moka App.

Follow these steps below to manage employees access in backoffice. You can also click to jump to a specific topic that you want to learn:


How to Manage Employee Slots

To record each employee's transactions and set access to certain features that can be used by employees, you need to first create a list of employees. You get a free allocation of 5 employees for each outlet. To add a list of employees so they can use the Moka Application or backoffice, make sure the employee has an active email account and follow the steps below:

  1. In the backoffice menu, select the EMPLOYEES menu.
  2. Select Employee Slots.
  3. Click Invite Employee.
  4. In the INVITE EMPLOYEE section, fill in the employee’s full name, email, and phone number.
  5. In the EMPLOYEE ROLE section, choose a role for each of your employees:
    • Administrator: This role usually takes care of bookkeeping, such as a store manager. Administrators can access the Employee Slots menu and manage the access of other employees at the same outlet.
    • Cashier: This role is only limited to taking care of the payment processing features in the Moka Application and does not have access to the backoffice.
  6. Select Assign a Pin if you want to restrict access to some features from your employees and set a PIN code for the employee. More about PIN Access will be explained in the next section.
  7. In the ASSIGN OUTLETS section, click Assign Outlet, then select the employee’s outlet, then click Assign.
  8. In the DESCRIPTION section, you can add other notes related to the employee, for example the date of joining, and so on.
  9. Click Invite.
  10. Ask your employees to check their email to open a verification email from Moka, then click Sign Up on that email.


How to Create Employee Role in Employee Access

You can determine the restrictions on accessing features for each employe based on their role by following these steps:

  1. In the backoffice menu, go to EMPLOYEES.
  2. Select Employees Access.
  3. Click Create Employee Role.
  4. Fill in the name of the employee role in the Role Name column.
  5. In the App Permissions and Backoffice Permissions options, check the box provided to determine the features that can be accessed for that role.
  6. Click Create.
  7. Hover your cursor over Privileges in the access column to see the list of access roles.


How to Assign PIN Access

If you have applied access restrictions to each employee and want to make the access even more secure, you can apply a PIN for employee account by following these steps:

  1. In the backoffice menu, go to EMPLOYEES.
  2. Select Employee Slots.
  3. Select the name of the employee from the list of employees that have been created or click Add Employee Slot.
  4. Input or check your employee information, such as first name, first name, email and phone number.
  5. Select the appropriate role.
  6. Check the box for Assign a PIN.
    • The system will immediately create a unique 4-digit PIN, but you can also replace it with a 4 digit number of your choice as long as the combination is unique. You cannot have the same PIN in the same business.
    • Check the Allow employee to use PIN box for in-app permissions set on PIN Access to enable the PIN combination so that employees can unlock locked features. Click here to learn more about PIN access.
  7. Select Assign Outlet.
  8. Click Save.


Congratulations, you have managed the employee access at Moka backoffice! Next, follow Lesson 7: Setup Moka App.

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