Lesson 5: Manage Customers Data in Backoffice

After managing Inventory in the backoffice according to in Lesson 4: Manage Inventory in Backoffice, this lesson will help you manage your customer data in backoffice for your business.

In the Customers section, you can view the number of customer visiting your outlets, the average customer spend on your outlets, customer's feedback, and implement loyalty program (point system). You can also see who shop at your outlet, what they buy, how often they come and more.

Follow the steps below to manage customer features in Moka backoffice. You can also jump to the specific topic you want to learn by clicking it:


How to View Customers List

On the Customer List page, you can see a list of your customers and get a summary of loyal customers, visits, and average customer expenses. In the Moka system, customers are categorized into two types, namely Loyalty Members and Non-Loyalty Members. Loyalty Members are customers who have joined your loyalty program and have shopping points. Non-Loyalty Members are customers who have not joined the loyalty program and do not have shopping points.

To see the type of customer, whether regular or member, follow the steps below:

  1. In the backoffice menu, go to CUSTOMERS, then select Customers List.
  2. Select the All Customers menu to see a list of all customers. Select Loyalty Member to list customers who have shopping points, and Non-Loyalty Member to list customers who don't have shopping points.
  3. If you don't have a Loyalty Program, follow the How to Make Loyalty Program guide.


How to Import and Export Customer Data

If you already have previous customer data in Excel format and want to enter that data into the Moka system, follow these steps:

  1. In the backoffice menu, go to CUSTOMERS, then select Customers List.
  2. If you want to import customer data and enter it into the Moka system, on the Import / Export option, select Import Customer.
  3. Click Download Our Template then fill in your customer information in the file according to the template.
  4. After completing, save the file in .csv format.
  5. Repeat steps 1-3, then click the import customers box and select the CSV file.
  6. Click Upload to enter your customer data into the Moka system.
    • Note: Importing customer data through CSV files will only add new customer accounts and will not delete existing customer data in the Moka database.
  7. If you want to export customer data and save existing data in the Moka system into a CSV file, on the Import / Export option, select Export Customer.


How to View Customer Feedback

On the Feedback page, you can view and reply to customer feedback when you send a receipt via SMS or email. To read the customer feedback, follow these steps:

  1. In the backoffice menu, go to CUSTOMERS, then select Feedback.
  2. Select the time window in which you want to see customer feedback from.
  3. Click one of the feedbacks to see details of the customer's order and comments.
  4. If you want to provide a response, write your response and click Reply.


How to Create A Loyalty Program

The Loyalty Program feature is an important feature to keep your loyal customers. By implementing this program, your loyal customers can collect and exchange points from their purchases so they will shop more often at your shop. To create a loyalty program, watch the following video tutorial:

Note: To make a customer a member, read How to Register New Loyalty Program Member.


Congratulations, you have set the Customers feature through Moka backoffice! Next, follow Lesson 6: Manage Employees Access in Backoffice.

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