Lesson 7: Setup Moka App

After managing your employees according to Lesson 6: Manage Employees Access in Backoffice, this lesson will help you set up Moka App for your business.

Follow these steps below to set up Moka App. You can also click to jump to a specific topic that you want to learn:


Moka App Overview 

Learn about what you can do on Moka App: 

    You can do the payment process on this menu, such as placing orders on the shopping cart, applying discounts, saving bills, and printing receipts.

    On this menu, you can process refund, view and print daily sales report, update your invoice status, and reprint receipts.

    Your employee can start and end shift here. They are also able to input the starting petty cash when they start their shifts. On this page, you are also able to print your shift history.

    You can change the settings on Moka App, such as changing the language, connect your printer to your device, manage which type of receipt to be printed out, and others.


How to Download Moka App

To download Moka App, follow these steps: 

  1. Type Moka POS on App Store (for iPad users) or on Google Play (for Android users) on your device. 
  2. Click Download.
    • Note: Use your employee’s email address when downloading Moka App for your business safety. 


How to Login to Moka App

 To login Moka App, follow these steps:

  1. Open Moka POS App.
  2. Input your  email and password based on what was registered in the backoffice.
  3. Click Sign In.


How to Change Moka App Language 

To change Moka App language, follow these steps: 

  1. On the App menu, select menu SETTINGS, then click Language
  2. Select which language you want to change.


How to Connect Printer with Moka App 

To connect printer with Moka App, follow these steps: 

  1. On the App menu, select menu SETTINGS, then click Printer
  2. Select the printer you are going to connect on this page.
    • Notes: If you are using a bluetooth printer, ensure your bluetooth is activated and already connected to your device. If you are using a LAN printer, ensure the LAN cable and your device is connected to the same WIFI router. 
  3. Type the printer name (example: Receipt Printer or Kitchen Printer).
  4. When your printer is connected, select which receipt template you allow this printer to print. 


How to Start Shift Automatically 

To start shift automatically, follow these steps: 

  1. On the App menu, select menu SHIFT, then click Shift Option
  2. Click Start Shift Automatically.
  3. Set the amount of starting petty cash on the Default Starting Cash in Drawer column.
    • Notes: When shift starts automatically, the amount of starting petty cash will continue from the default starting cash amount. However, you can also change every time you start your shift.  


Congratulations, you have setup Moka App! Next, follow Lesson 8: Use Moka App.

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