Getting Started with Moka POS

Welcome to the start of your journey with Moka! Let's read the guide below to learn how to use Moka POS to grow your business.

List of Getting Started Lessons

If you have registered for a Setup & Training session or a Moka Orientation event, you will be guided to do the materials above. To maximize your training time, we recommend doing Lessons 1-3 before meeting with the trainer.


Learn some basic terminology about the POS systems below:

Point of Sales (POS) Place and time at which a transaction took place. POS software connects cashier operations, stock information, reports generation, and other advanced features to increase your store sales without having to do them manually.
Hardware Physical devices such as tablets, printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, and internet routers that complement your POS. You will learn about the device compatibility in Lesson 1.
Software Software or systems in your hardware such as the Moka Application and the Moka Backoffice.
Moka App POS view for cashier staff to record transactions in your store. In the Moka Application, the staff can change POS settings and perform some functions like in the backoffice but with limitations.
Moka Backoffice A site where you can access all your POS settings and see various information such as sales reports, inventory, items list, raw material prices, customer loyalty, employee tracking, etc. Access to your backoffice online at
Account Basic information about the owner and the business as registered in Moka. One Moka account can only be used for one business, but one business account can have multiple Outlets (stores / branches).
Library Menu or list that contain items for sale, its details, and its features that include additional charges.
Ingredient List of raw materials, and the price and stock for each. This data will be used to calculate the cost of goods sold (COGS) for F&B businesses.
Inventory Management of items stock and raw materials stock; includes ordering from suppliers, transferring stock between stores, and adjusting stock gap.
Customer In the backoffice, this menu shows the list of customers, read their reviews, and is used to implement a customer loyalty program.
Employee In the backoffice, this menu can be used to control your employees’ access to the features in the Moka App proportionate to their role.
Dashboard An overview of your business activities, where you can also see a summary of sales analysis for each outlet in a certain period.
Reports Reports on sales, business transactions, up to specific shift details. Each report can be downloaded as an Excel file.
Modular Feature Additional features for certain business types, such as Table Management (for restaurants), Ingredients (for F&B), and Loyalty Program (for F&B and Retail).
Moka Connect (Apps) In the backoffice, this menu shows Moka partners that can help your business operations. 
Moka Terminal Integration This page allows you to have Moka payment integration even though you are using other POS system. 
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