How to Solve Login Backoffice Moka Issue

Look at this cannot login backoffice Moka troubleshooting video: 

Here is the steps to troubleshoot when you cannot login to the backoffice: 

  1. Check the internet setting by clicking tidak_bisa_login_backoffice_moka.PNG+ R.
  2. Type ping, then tap on OK
  3. If the Request Time Out text showed up, contact your internet provider. 
  4. Clear cache and cookies by selectingcannot_login_backoffice.PNGon your browser (Chrome). 
  5. Click More Tools.
  6. Click Clear Browsing Data
  7. Select the time range last 7 days
  8. Tick Cached Images and Files
  9. Click Clear Data
  10. Login to your backoffice again.
  11. If you still cannot login to your backoffice, use Incognito Window
  12. Selectcannot_login_backoffice.PNGon your browser, then click New Incognito Window.
  13. Open backoffice Moka website.
  14. Login to your backoffice again. 
    • Note: If still unable to login to your backoffice, use other browser, such as Firefox or Safari
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