Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About Inventory

  • Why is my item stock does not decrease when my item stock tracking (for inventory) is activated and what should I do for further troubleshooting? 
    If you are experiencing issues like the above, check offline data and refresh menu ACTIVITY on the Moka App. Please ensure that your internet connection is stable and update to the latest Moka App version.

    If you have done the troubleshooting above, but still experience this issue, follow these steps below: 
    1. Export item sales on the date when you experienced this issue.
    2. Export inventory summary on the date when you experienced this issue.
    3. Export item library.
    4. Send email to with the subject Kendala Track Stock Item and provide your cashier and backoffice emails. 

  • How to use Purchase Order (PO) feature in backoffice? 
    Learn How to Create Purchase Order in backoffice or How to Import Purchase Order Using Excel. Take note when you are importing Purchase Order using Excel, type the price per unit in the Unit Cost column. 

  • After issuing refund, my item stock amount was reduced automatically. How to fix my item stock amount? 
    You can fix the stock amount with Adjustment feature. You can adjust the item stock amount manually or import stock adjustment data. Learn
    How to Adjust Stock Using Adjustment and How to Import Stock Adjustment Data Using Adjustment. 

  • Will the report be affected if we do not input the price for Purchase Order (PO) and update the stock only? Also, if the price inserted increases, will the item COGS be affected? 
    If you create PO without inputting the COGS price, the stock will increase and
    the COGS price will be in average. If the price for COGS is variable, the current COGS will be added with the previous COGS and the final COGS amount will be in average of the both COGS. 

  • Will I be able to see the overall inventory report if I have more than one outlet? 
    Currently, the inventory report can only show
    per outlet and is not able to show the overall report. 

  • Why is there no report on my Summary menu in backoffice even though there are items that are already purchased? 
    Summary Reports will only appear to show the amount of items or ingredients stocks if you have ticked the Start Tracking Inventory and Alerts on the item or an ingredient. 
  • What is the difference between Inventory and Ingredients feature?Inventory is a FREE feature to help monitor the amount of finished goods sold and provide daily reports on the stock of finished goods in your business outlet.While Ingredients is a paid supplement feature that will help you to monitor the amount of raw materials sold and provide daily reports on raw material stock in your store.
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