How to Connect to RPP02N Printer


Here are the steps to connect to RPP02N printer: 

  1. Press on the POWER button until there is a red light appears to turn on the RPP02N printer.


  2. Turn on the bluetooth on the device you are using to operate the Moka App.

  3. Pair the blutooth printer with your device by selecting the printer on the screen. 

    Note: To find out your printer code, deactivate your printer first. Then, press POWER and FEED at the same time for three seconds. it will print out a receipt, which shows the printer code.

  4. After successfuly connecting your printer with your device, open Moka App. 

  5. Select SETTINGS

  6. Select Printer on the Hardware section.

  7. Click your printer that is on the screen. 

  8. Enter your printer name (Example: Receipt Printer or Kitchen Printer).

  9. Once your printer is connected, select which type of receipts you allow this printer. 
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