About GoStore


GoStore is a new online storefront from Moka that enables merchants to create their own online store, which connects to social media to help reach millions of users. With GoStore, you only need to set the catalogue through Moka Bakcoffice and sync it across your own website and various social media.


What are the available features in GoStore?

You will enjoy these features that bring convenience in setting up your own online store, such as: 

  • Smartphone-friendly website/online store for your customers
  • Connect to various social media and millions of its users. 
  • Provide safe payment methods and instant delivery services. 
  • Manage transactions of your online store from multiple platforms in a single dashboard in Moka Backoffice
  • Provide daily sales and stock reports for your online store.
  • Manage Pre-Order products in your online store.


Benefits of Using GoStore

  1. Giving your online store website access to directly connect to Facebook, Google, and Instagram which have millions of active customers so that you can not only sell more products, but also increase sales and profits.
  2. Your online store website will not be mixed into one with other online stores like in an e-commerce marketplace. Thus, customers will be more focused on the product you are selling and not be distracted by products from competitors.
  3. Business owners don't need to create multiple catalogs to sell on Instagram, Facebook, and Google. Only by creating one centralized catalog, business owners can already sell on various different platforms.
  4. In addition to being easy and not requiring special skills to manufacture, the online store website from GoStore can be an important tool for business owners who want to improve service quality, from ordering, paying, to shipping goods.
  5. Business owners will get a centralized sales report that can be accessed in a single dashboard, anytime, anywhere.
  6. Customers can transact directly from various social media so that you can not only sell more products, but also increase sales and profits.

Enjoy full access to all GoStore features with no subscription fees. Business owners are only charged a 1.5% payment fee per transaction which is a fee for various GoStore payment methods that can be utilized by business owners and customers.

Don't worry about not being able to track your revenue because GoStore comes with a daily sales summary and stock reports. With this platform, you can reach a wider audience, get more customers, and generate higher revenue for your business. Start to open your store now!

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