How to Add GoStore Product

In this article you will learn how to add or upload your products so they can appear on the GoStore. You can use desktop or mobile browser in your handphone to access Moka backoffice for uploading product.

If you want to upload products in bulk, you can use the guide in the article How to Import GoStore Products from Excel.


Upload GoStore Product

  1. Login to backoffice Moka.

  2. Go to menu LIBRARY.

  3. Select Item Library.


  4. Select the outlet you want to add the product. 


  5. Click Create Item.


  6. Type your product name on the Product Name* field.


  7. On the Category Name field, select the product category. 

    Note: If there is no category name option for your product, type the new category name on the field. Then, press Enter and click Ok.


  8. On the Description field, fill in your product description to explain the customers about your product. 


  9. Activate Product Attribute.


  10. Type the brand name of your product on the Brand Name field.

    Note: If there is no brand name option for your product, type the new brand name on the field. Then, press Enter and click Ok.


  11. On the Condition field, select your product condition: New, Refurbished, or Second.


  12. On the Weight* field, select the weight unit of your product and input its weight (include the packaging) to calculate the delivery fees. Examples of weight unit: Gram or Kilogram.
    Read the article about Standar Pengemasan Produk GoStore so that your package is standardized with term of GoStore shipment.
    Note: Required only for Retail - Apparel & Accessories.


  13. On the Dimension* field, select the size unit and input your product size (including the packaging) to calculate the delivery fees. Examples of size units: Meter, Centimeter, atau Inch. 

    Note: Required only for Retail - Apparel & Accessories.


  14. On the Age Group field, select the suitable age group of your product: Adult, TeenKids, Toddler, or All Ages.

    Note: Required only for Retail - Apparel & Accessories.


  15. On the Gender field, select the gender suitable for your product: Male, Female, or Unisex.

    Note: Required only for Retail - Apparel & Accessories.


  16. On the Media* section, click Upload File or drag images of your product that you want to upload inside the box.

    Note: Maximum 12 photo with the maximum photo size 8MB and minimal 1024x1024px. GoStore accept several image format in PNG, JPEG, and BMP.


  17. Upload several pictures of your product so that customers understand the product you are selling more. 

    • Main Image will the the first image visible to your customers. 
    • To delete the image, hover your mouse on the image and click x


  18. Input your product price on the Base Price* field and the barcode on the SKU field.


    • If your product has several variant, click Add Variant to manage the type of variants and the price for each variant (if the price for each variant is different). 


    • Activate Variant Type.


    • On the Type field, select the variant types: Color, Size, and Materials.


    • On the Variant Name field, type the name for each variant. You can separate each variant name with comma (,).  


    • Input the price and barcode for each product variant on the Price per Variant and SKU field.

    • To add other variant type for the product, click Custom Variant.


    • Once finished inputting the product variant, click Continue.


  19. Tap on Save to input product on the selected outlet or Save to All Outlets to input product to all outlets. 



* Product Name, Weight, Dimension, Media, and Price fields must be filled for GoStore requirements. 

Learn the next article on How to Import GoStore Products from Excel which is suitable for retail merchant with  many types and variants of products to upload.

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