How to Activate GoStore Website

In this article you will learn how to activate GoStore as your store website and how to view GoStore domain links which will be an important component to be able to integrate with social media later.

In order to set up an online store on GoStore, you can watch the following GoStore Tutorial videos:

How to Activate GoStore

  1. Login to backoffice Moka.


  3. Click GoStore.


  4. Click Manage.


  5. Input your domain name for your GoStore website. Then, click Simpan.


  6. Ensure the domain name is according to your liking, then click Lanjut.

    Note: After clicking Lanjut, you cannot change the domain name. 


  7. On the Profil section, upload photos for your cover photo and logo for your online shop. 


  8. On the Deskripsi column in the Profil section, type the description of your online shop. 


  9. Click Simpan dan Lanjutkan.


  10. On the Kontak section, input the business phone number, email, and Whatsapp number of your online shop. 


    Look at the contact preview for your online shop by clicking Contact Us:


  11. Click Simpan dan Lanjutkan


  12. On the Syarat & Ketentuan section, fill in the terms and conditions of your online shop to refund items and others (if necessary). 


    Note: Click Gunakan Panduan to view the terms and conditions template for refund items in your online shop.


    Look at the terms and conditions preview by clicking Syarat & Ketentuan


  13. Click Simpan dan Lanjutkan


  14. On the Pengaturan Outlet section, select outlet to activate GoStore by clicking Aktifkan

    Note: If you want to activate a new outlet, click Aktifkan


  15. Complete the information needed to continue the GoStore activation process. Then, click Simpan.

    Note: Ensure the outlet logo, active business phone number, business address for the pickup address and delivery method are filled correctly. See GoStore cutoff delivery time for courier here


  16. You will see this notification if your online shop for your selected outlet is active. 



How to View GoStore Domain URL 

After activating GoStore domain, visit the GoStore menu again. You can view your GoStore domain URL on the description field in this page: 



Note: Please ensure that you write correct domain name because the domain is permanent and non-editable. 

Congratulations! Your GoStore account has been successfully activated. Next, so that your store website can display products, you need to upload products through the Moka backoffice. Check out How to Add GoStore Products, upload at least 5 products so that your website looks professional and ready for selling.

If you want to be trained for GoStore Self Pick Up feature, you may register yourself in this GoStore Self Pick Up Training form.


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