How to Accept GoStore Order Using Moka App

Before accepting GoStore order, you must download Moka POS application in Play Store first

Click here to download Moka POS application

Here are the steps to accept GoStore order using Moka App: 

  1. Open Aplikasi Moka POS.

  2. Sign in to the Moka App using your registered email and password. 

  3. Select menu SETTINGS.


  4. On the Online Order Setting section, ensure the button is ON.


    Note: After activating Online Order Setting, the ONLINE ORDERS will appear in the menu. 

  5. On the ONLINE ORDERS menu, you will receive a notification if there is an online order. Click the notification to view the order. 

    Note: You can accept or reject online orders within 24 hours. Your order will automatically be rejected if you do not interact with the notification for more than 24 hours. 


  6. On the online order display, you can see the order details and delivery details. 

    Click Accept Order to accept online order. 

    Click Reject Order to reject online order. 


  7. Click Request Pickup when the online order is ready for the delivery to your customer's address. 

    Note: You do not need to drop your order in logistics agent. The Shipper will pick up your order from your store.


  8. Click Confirm Pickup to find a driver. 


  9. Moka App will look for a driver to deliver online orders. 


  10. After finding a driver, you can track the online order delivery in the online order display. 

    Note: Click DELIVERY DETAILS to view the driver's information, such as name, phone number, and vehicle plate number. Tap on the text on the Tracking No column to know the current driver's condition.  


  11. Once the order has arrived on the destination address, you can see the text Order Completed.


You can also see our GoStore Tutorial video below for how to accept order from GoStore 

Congratulations! You have successfully accept GoStore order using Moka App. 
If the order has been successfully received by the customer, the funds will be received by the merchant within 2-3 working days.


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