How Customers Order Product via GoStore Website

Here's how customers can order through your GoStore website:

  1. Provide GoStore website address to customers.

  2. The customer opens the GoStore site and selects the outlet that he wants to order.

  3. Customers can search for specific items in the search field. Customers can also search for items via the Category filter.


  4. Click the name or photo of the product you want to buy.


  5. See the description of the product you want to buy.


  6. If it matches what you want to buy, select a product variant in the Select Variant column (if the product has several variations).

  7. Specify the amount to be purchased in the Amount column.


  8. If you want to buy the product, click Add to Cart.


  9. Ordered product will be successfully added to cart. To make a payment, click View Cart.


  10. Click Checkout to continue the payment process.


  11. You can checkout using two methods. The first method is through logging in with Facebook and the second method is direct checkout without the need to log into Facebook.

    Single_sign_on_-_enter_phone__1_.jpg    Checkout_-_Compulsory_Insrance_and_Notes__1_.jpg

  12. Select the shipping method for the product you want to buy.


  13. Make sure the total product price and shipping price are correct, then click Bayar Sekarang.

  14. Select the payment method you want to use.


    If using a Credit Card / Debit Card, input the card number in the Card Number column, the card expiry time in the Expiry Date column, and enter the CVV data (in the form of a three digit number on the back of the credit card) in the CVV column. Click Continue. See the status of your transaction is successful or not, then click Done.

    If using GoPay, click Pay now with GoPay. Make sure the nominal to be paid is appropriate. Then, click Confirm & Pay. Enter your GoPay PIN.

    If you use Bank Transfer, you can use Mandiri Bill Payment, BCA Virtual Account, BRI Virtual Account, BNI Virtual Account, Permata Virtual Account, Other Virtual Account as payment media.

  15. The display below will appear when the payment has not been completed (left image) and the payment has been completed (right image)


  16. The screen below will appear when the order has been confirmed and shipped
      • After the order is confirmed, customer can track the order in Track Order section.


      • Display when the order is on the way


      • After the order has arrived, the customer can see the Completed status.


Congratulations, you have successfully made a purchase from the GoStore!

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