How to Synchronize Product with Facebook and Instagram Shop

To begin these steps below, please use computer or laptop. Here are the steps to synchronize product with Facebook and Instagram Shop: 

  1. Login to backoffice Moka. In the Online Store section, select Facebook & Instagram Shop. Then click Continue with Facebook.

  2. Login to your Facebook account. To sync products you need to integrate with Facebook and Instagram Shop first.

  3. If it has been successfully integrated with Facebook and the Instagram Shop, it looks like below picture. Click Done.


  4. The following screen will appear after you click Done on the previous page. If you haven't uploaded any products yet, you can click Create Item Now.


  5. Please select the outlet to be synchronized then click Continue, the product will be synchronized automatically. Wait for your product synchronization process to complete.

    Wait for the product synchronization proses until it is finished. 


      • Only products that have attributes can sync to Facebook and Instagram Shop. Examples of product attributes: product dimension, product weight, product price, product picture, and others. 

      • Click Item Library to complete or edit product commerce for the synchronization process.

        If there are already several items uploaded, the product will be automatically synchronized as shown in the following picture:

        Loading icon means the product is still in the synchronization process.

  6. After the synchronization process is complete, you can see several buttons and icons down below: 

    Export Report - Button to export the synchronization report in .csv.

    Reupload Products - Button to reupload your product.

    Warning Icon - This icon on this info column shows that there are incomplete information in the product commerce. 

    Note: Click the Warning Icon to view the incomplete information you need to complete. Press Item Library if you want to complete the product information.sinkronisasi_produk_fb_ig_shop_click_item_library.png

  7. Click Done.

Congratulations! Your online business product has successfully integrated with Facebook and Instagram Shop.

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  • Kenapa loadingnya tidak selesai-selesai?

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  • Dear Bapak Syahrul Munir (msyahrulm), terima kasih telah menghubungi Help Center Moka. Terkait kendala Anda, mohon pastikan bahwa tombol Online Attributes untuk Item yang diinput pada Item Library sudah on. Dan pastikan juga bahwa informasi di dalam kolom Online Attributes sudah diisi semuanya. 

    Untuk informasi lebih lanjutnya, silakan klik link berikut:

    Silakan pilih menu (2) Panduan Memasukkan Produk (Input Item).

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