How to Integrate with Google Shopping


Google Shopping is a platform from Google that allows merchants to sell products on the Google Shopping platform which can be accessed by customers to search for goods from various websites. In GoStore, Google Shopping can be integrated with Google Merchant Center (GMC) to advertise on Google Search, Youtube, Email and Google Shopping.

As a GoStore Merchant, you can directly integrate or connect your GoStore store with Google Shopping with the following conditions:

  1. The category of your store is Retail and Food and Beverage (F&B). For other categories, take it easy GoStore will be here for you soon!
  2. Enabling Instant and Regular Delivery services
  3. Complete all product attributes (Title, Description, Condition, Price, Image, Brand is mandatory for the product to qualify for sale in the Shop. Size, Color, Material, Gender, Age group are optional, but recommended).

You may refer to this video to see the steps:

Easy Steps to Integrate Google Shopping:

  1. Enter your Moka backoffice, click the Online Store menu, then select Google Shopping. To start integrating, click the Connect to Google button


  2. Choose 1 outlet that you want to connect with Google Shopping if you have many outlets in your store. If only one is available then you only have to agree to the terms and conditions of Google Shop before starting the integration.
      • This is the display when only one outlet is available


      • This is the display when there are multiple outlets available


  3. At this stage, you will go through a validation process to integrate with Google Shopping
      • This display will appear if you have not activated GoStore for this outlet. You can first activate via the backoffice, the steps you can do can be seen here


      • This display will appear if you have not activated the Logistic Services feature on your GoStore outlet.


      • This display will appear when you have passed all validations but there are no products in your store yet. Please upload products with product attributes that are filled in completely bypassing the backoffice. The steps taken can be seen at here


  4. If you already have a product uploaded to your GoStore. Then these products can be automatically synchronized with your Google Shopping products. Each product will go through the upload process first


      • After completing the upload, the product is not immediately visible on your Google Shopping. Your product will be pre-reviewed by Google for 3-5 business days. Your product's status will be classified as pending when it is being reviewed


      • When the review is complete, the status will change to live. If the status becomes failed, it could be because your product attribute is still incomplete


  5. After uploading, your product will be reviewed and your Google Shopping setup is complete


Congratulations! You have successfully integrated your GoStore with Google Shopping.


You can rearrange the outlets that you want to connect to Google Shopping via the Moka backoffice.



  1. You can only connect 1 outlet to your Google Shopping
  2. This "connect" button functions so that you can enter your Google Merchant Center Account by connecting your Google email. When you have linked your email you can set up and check the product on Google Merchant Center.
  3. The "disconnect" button will remove the account from Google Merchant Center


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