How to Accept Orders and Pickup Process

Step by step to Receive Orders with a Logistic Service

When you have activated the logistic service feature on your GoStore, customers are already able to choose the logistics service they want to use when ordering items in your store. To accept this order, follow these steps:
Display used is from Moka Android App (tablet)

  1. When you receive an order, there will be a notification for the new order as shown at the bottom of application like in the picture below. You have 24 hours to accept or reject this order. If there is no response for more than 24 hours, the order will be automatically rejected.


  2. To accept an order, press the button "accept order." Make sure your shop has sufficient stock for the order.


  3. After receiving your order, you can proceed a pickup order by pressing Request Pickup. Make sure before you press this button, the goods to be sent are ready and the Track ID is already attached.


  4. Click Confirm Pickup if you want the shipping agent to pick up the order from the shop.

    Note: You do not need to drop your package to the logistics agent, instead the Shipper agent will pick up the package from your shop address.


  5. After confirmation, the screen below will appear. The system is looking for a Shipper agent to deliver your order. Please wait for the Shipper agent to pick up your order. Check the deadline for order pick-up by Shipper in the following article. Make sure the registered mobile number is active to ease the agent to contact you.

    Note: Do not send your order to the shipping agent. Merchants do not need to deliver orders to agents since the Shipper agents will pick them up to your shop's address instead.


  6. When you get a shipping agent, you can print a label to be put on your order package. The tablet must be connected to a printer to print labels or receipts. Please write down the Shipper Tracking ID on each of your orders for shipping agents, especially when you have more than one order. This makes our agents check each order easily.


  7. The screen below will appear when the Agent is heading to the warehouse.


  8. After the order leaves the warehouse, the order will be sent directly to the buyer. The display will appear as below:


  9. The display below will appear when the order has arrived at the buyer's location:


  10. You and your buyer can check the receipt of each order. The buyer will receive a receipt number from the e-mail used to purchase the order.


Congratulations! You have successfully received and delivered your order to the buyer. See also how to connect your GoStore with Facebook dan Instagram Shop.


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